I post some poems on Instagram and my poetry blog, Unprogrammed Poetry.

I have also published poetry in:

2021 Four poems in the Summer issue of Rat’s Ass Review

2021 ‘Home’ in the February issue and ‘Feet’ in the March issue of The Minison Project

2020 “Rising”, in the first issue of Last Leaves

2020 ”Someone’s Emotional Problem’, in the Illness anthology from Emma Press

2019    ‘Multiple Belonging’, in Blue Mountain Review

2019    ‘English Breakfast Love Song’, ‘Unengaged Concepts’, ‘Explorations’, ‘This Year’, ‘Career Counselling’ and ‘Illusion’ in Poethead

2018    ‘Victoria Square, Leeds’, ‘Ghost Question’, ‘Remember, Remember’, and ‘Another Old Lie’ in A New Ulster

2012 ‘BYM 2010’ at Watford Quakers Sharing blog

2010    ‘Song of an Iona Pilgrimage’ and ‘Knowing Where You’re Going’ in Spirit Rising: Young Quaker Voices, ed. Angelina Conti et al., Quakers United in Publications

2010    ‘Beloved?’ in the Scribe, summer edition

2009 ‘Spring G20’ at Watford Quakers Sharing blog

2009 ‘Quaker Cake’ at Watford Quakers Sharing blog

2008    ‘Womandrake’ and ‘Civilisation and its Discontents’ in From a Garden Inclos’d: Writings from Woodbrooke, ed. Philip and Zélie Gross, Woodbooke Quaker Study Centre

2007    ‘Knowing Where You’re Going’, ‘The Fans of Dead Light’, ‘Turncoat Dragon’, ‘Song of an Iona Pilgrimage’, ‘The Circle Dance’ and ‘Justtwo’ in Watford Friends Sharing, ed. Nora Bellis, Watford Friends

2007    ‘Semester One’, in Jabberwocky: The University of Nottingham’s Creative Writing Magazine, issue 10

published as Emma Grant before I changed my name

2002    ‘Reading Poetry’, ‘Quakers Camping’, ‘Camp Advices and Queries in Rhyme’, ‘A View from the Window’, ‘An Angel’s Hand’, ‘Answering Machine Muse’ and ‘Pirates in the Park’, in Watford Friends Calling, ed. Nora Bellis, Watford Friends