This page lists my academic publications, divided by form of publication and starting with the most recent. I have provided links where possible. If you’re interested in something mentioned here but don’t have access to it, please email me at for further details. You may also like to look at my profiles on Google Scholar,, or Kudos.


2020   Theology from Listening, Brill
2018   British Quakers and Religious Language, Brill

(These are just my academic books; see the pages on Quaker Quicks and Fiction for more.)

co-edited with C. Wess Daniels

in preparation  The Quaker World, Routledge


2014, University of Leeds   Wittgensteinian investigations of contemporary Quaker religious language

Refereed journal articles

2018                “After Same-Sex Marriage: Emerging Quaker Perspectives on Further Questions About Sexuality and Gender“, Quaker Religious Thought, Volume 130

2018                “Using multiple religious belonging to test analogies for religion“, International Journal of Philosophy and Theology, Volume 79 Issue 4

2018                “Ritual with a Little Interaction and Grammar with a Small Vocabulary: Exploring ‘Afterwords’ with Collins and Lindbeck“, Quaker Studies

2017                “Playing many religion-games: a Wittgensteinian approach to multiple religious belonging“, Open Theology

2015                “Being Fluent in Two Religions“, Journal of the Sociology and Theory of Religion,  Volume 1

2015                “Understanding Quaker Religious Language in its Community Context“, Quaker Studies, Volume 19 Issue 2, pp.260-276

2014                “Teaching Religion as a Language“, Journal of Adult Theological Education, Volume 10 Issue 2, pp.92-101

2012                “Feminists Borrowing Language and Practice from Other Religious Traditions: Some Ethical Implications“, Feminist Theology, Volume 20 Issue 2, pp.146-15

co-authored with Rachel Muers

2017                “Documentary Theology: Testing a New Approach to Texts in Religious Communities“, Journal of the American Academy of Religion, Volume 86, Issue 3, September 2018, Pages 616–641

2017                “Theology at Thresholds: Learning From A Practice ‘In Between’“, Ecclesial Practices, Volume 4 Issue 1, 45-62

2016                “At the Threshold of Community: Exploring Quaker Decision-Making Processes”, Faith and Freedom, Volume 69 Issue 1, 3-13

Research notes

co-authored with Pink Dandelion

2021   ‘When two or three are gathered’ in a Zoom Room: The Theology of Online Unprogrammed Quaker Worship, Quaker Studies, Volume 26, Issue 2, 279–290

co-authored with Ian Toombs

2020      ‘Nones’ Belonging: Sunday Assemblies, Cathedrals and Quakers, Quaker Studies, Volume 25, Issue 2, 227–241

Book reviews

2020   Laura Rediehs, Quaker Epistemology, published in Quaker Studies, Volume 25, Issue 1

2019    Alison Wooley, Women Choosing Silence: Relationality and Transformation in Spiritual Practice, published in Reading Religion

2019    Don Rowe and Anne Watson (eds.), Faith and experience in education: essays from Quaker perspectives, published in Journal of Beliefs & Values, Volume 40, Issue 4, pp. 490–503

2015    Nicola Slee, Fran Porter and Anne Phillips (eds.), The Faith Lives of Women and Girls, published in Religion and Gender, Volume 5, Issue 2

2014    Janet Ruth Heller, Exodus, published in Women in Judaism, Volume 11, Number 2

2013    Grace Jantzen, A Place of Springs: Death and the Displacement of Beauty, published in Quaker Studies, Volume 17, Issue 2, p.272-3

Book chapters

2021    “Playing Languages Games with BB8” in Unlocking Social Theory with Popular Culture: Remixing Theoretical Influencers, eds. Naomi Barnes and Alison Bedford, Springer

2019    “Multiple Religious Belonging in Wittgensteinian Perspective” in in Interpreting Interreligious Relations with Wittgenstein, eds. Gorazd Andrejc and Daniel H. Weiss, Brill

2019    “Doctrine and Fanon: George Lindbeck, Han’s Gun and Sherlock’s Big Gay Wedding” in The Sacred in Fantastic Fandom: Essays on the Intersection of Religion and Pop Culture, eds. Carole M. Cusack, John W. Morehead, and Venetia Laura Delano Robertson, McFarland

2017    “Breaking Sixteen Walls: Deadpool as Philosopher and Sociologist” in Deadpool and Philosophy, eds. Nicolas Michaud and Jacob May, Open Court

co-authored with Ruth Wainman

2017    “A Girl, Her Brother, and the LEGO Women Scientists: Representation in Plastic and Marketing” in LEGO and Philosophy, eds. Roy Cook and Sondra Bacharach, Blackwell

co-authored with M. Reynolds

2015    “Can Chewie Speak? Wittgenstein and Philosophy of Language” in The Ultimate Star Wars and Philosophy, eds. Kevin Decker and Jason Eberl, Wiley & Sons, Chichester