Short story: What A Minute Could Do, 2021

This fantasy tale about the Quaker minute-writing process was published by Friends Journal in November 2021.

Novel: Between Boat and Shore, 2019/2022

BB&S E-Book Cover

My first novel, Between Boat and Shore, is now available again as an ebook. It was originally published in 2019 by Manifold Press, who then had to close. I republished it in 2022. I still have physical copies of the first edition – please get in touch if you would like to buy one – or you can still order copies from the Quaker Centre bookshop.

About the book

Life in Otter Village is governed by the changing seasons and the will of the Goddess. Trebbi is held in high regard by her community. Guided by the Goddess, the village plants, harvests, and trades with its neighbours. But when strangers arrive by boat in the midst of a storm – on the same day the village leader is found murdered – it brings a time of change for Trebbi, Dru, and the other villagers. Trebbi and Dru must work out who killed Peku while the village listens to the Goddess to guide them to a new leader, and Trebbi must listen to her heart about the visitor Aleuks.

It was reviewed by The Lesbian Review in January 2020. Heather Rose Jones, the reviewer, said: “Within a meticulously researched and depicted setting, Grant has imagined a vision of a society that embraces same-sex relationships and non-binary genders without being an artificial eutopia.”

Content notes: some minor characters die, including one murder and two deaths by natural causes. Two funerals are described. The butchering of an animal to be eaten is also described in some detail.


Cover  of  the  first  edition,  now  out  of  printBetween Boat and Shore