Magazine articles

Over the years I’ve also written articles and produced materials for other places – these are listed below with links where available.

June 2022, ‘Not Quite Ministry‘, Friends Journal

December 2021, ‘The Quaker Vocabulary of Tomorrow‘, Friends Journal

November 2021, ‘What A Minute Could Do‘, a speculative story in Friends Journal

October 2021, lesson and Friendly Perspective on Hebrews for Illuminate from Barclay Press

February 2021, a Friendly Perspective on Huldah for Illuminate from Barclay Press

February 2021, a review of Quakerism: the basicsThe Friend

December 2020, ‘Prophet Driven: Rhiannon Grant on Anna‘, The Friend

December 2020, discussing the Bible on the Quaker Take podcast

September 2020, discussing how we talk about God on the Recovering God podcast

March 2020, ‘Uncertainty, an Unnamed Quaker Creed?‘, Friends Journal

March 2020, ‘A bodged object might not look quite the way it would if it had been professionally repaired‘, The Friend (reprint from my blog post on Bodging)

September 2019, ‘The Divine is like water‘, The Friend

August 2019, ‘God is already within us‘, The Friend

December 2018, ‘A Consideration of Metaphor‘, Friends Journal

November 2018, ‘Being true to myself‘ (about why I left Girlguiding), the Friend

July 2018, ‘William Penn: Spanning boundaries‘, the Friend

2017, ‘Afterwords’, Friends Quarterly

November 2016, ‘Learning about Afterwords‘, Quaker Voices, Volume 7 Number 6, pp. 10-14

October 2015, ‘Reading ‘the red book’‘, the Friend

2015, a study pack in Being Friends Together: videos and plans for discussion sessions about Quaker uses of religious language

2015, ‘Reading Quaker faith & practice‘, Quaker Voices

April 2015, ‘The Book of Discipline‘, the Friend

July 2014, ‘Naming the mystery‘, the Friend

2010, ‘Feminist Christian Language: Enriching and Challenging’, Mosaik

June 2010, ‘Communication is the key‘, the Friend