My name is Rhiannon Grant, and this is my personal blog. All opinions I express here belong to me alone and should not be attributed without further evidence to any of the organisations with which I am associated.

My blog, my rules. I write about things which interest me as and when I choose to do so. Comments are welcome, and I will publish whatever I deem suitable for publication, usually everything which is written by a person. You are welcome to disagree with me here or elsewhere. If I have said something offensive, you are welcome to tell me so.

This blog is called ‘Brigid, Fox, and Buddha’ because the image of interfaith dialogue seemed like a good idea when I set it up. It has an Oxford comma because in my opinion that’s the way it should be.

I can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, CuriousCat, Goodreads, Amazon, Academia.edu, and Google Scholar.

I hope you find my writing interesting and/or useful.


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