Barclay’s Apology – Woodbrooke post

I wrote a post for Woodbrooke’s blog about Robert Barclay, his Apology, and reading it today.

3 responses to “Barclay’s Apology – Woodbrooke post

  1. so good to be introduced to Barclays Apology,,,thanks Rhiannon.
    wondering though what exactly are we to be “saved from” ?

    • An interested question, Jules, on which Barclay has very little to say. Right at the end of the book he asserts orthodox belief in Heaven and Hell, although he has hardly mentioned either in most of the text… that might mean those concepts aren’t as important to him, or that they are important but weren’t points of disagreement at the time so he didn’t feel the need to go into detail.

  2. seems to me, there is something attributed to Jesus which states that the salvation (he spoke of) was actually a salvation FROM the Hebrews…

    I’ m thinking Matthew, possibly….have to do more research on this.

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