Afterwords – survey open

Do you go to a Quaker Meeting? If you do, whether or not your meeting uses ‘afterwords’ or anything similar, I’d like to hear from you in my research survey. This is to provide material for the project described in my previous post about ‘afterwords’.

There are actually two surveys. The first one just asks a few questions about all the Quaker Meetings you’ve ever attended, and should be very quick to complete. The second one asks for more details about a specific Quaker Meeting and might take a bit longer – perhaps ten or fifteen minutes, depending how much you write. If you want to, you can fill it in more than once to describe different meetings you’ve attended.


2 responses to “Afterwords – survey open

  1. Hi Rhiannon,
    Elders at Nottingham today agreed to publicise your surveys among Nottingham Friends, we also agree that, if you wish, we would be happy to contribute to your research as elders. For example, as a case study.

    • Hi Adam,
      That’s great, thank you. At the moment I’m just collecting surveys, but once I start work on the analysis (in mid-July) I’ll probably be in touch.

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