Making a list, checking it twice

I am not actually checking my list twice – I’m trying to hurry on down my to-do list as fast as possible! However, I have been checking for the umpteenth time a document which turned out to be mainly about people who use lists in talking about God: my PhD thesis.

I had my viva on Friday, and passed without corrections. Hurray! This is very rare – so rare I’d assured people it wasn’t going to happen – and I’m very pleased indeed to have it over and done with. I’m ready to move on to new things, or at least to take this material and present it in new ways, and this is a big step in that direction.

However, ‘without corrections’ doesn’t, apparently, mean that there isn’t anything to correct, but simply that the corrections are so minor we’re pretending they don’t exist. Some of the corrections which I’m told need doing are in fact so minor that I can’t find them – you know when you’ve read something so often, or you wrote it, and you know what it should say so much that you can’t actually read it? And typos, the wrong letter here or there, become invisible? Yeah, that. I suspect I’m especially prone to it, since I read by word shape almost entirely and my spelling is terrible anyway (I have too big a vocabulary to remember how to spell it all – that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! And at least I knew I ought to look up how to spell ‘vocabulary’), but it’s even worse when I’ve written something and edited it and edited it. Mistakes just hide from me!

(I’m not quite sure why I’m saying this to my blog readers, who very probably know – I expect you spot typos in my posts all the time. So it goes.)

With only two weeks to go until the New Year and the start of my next Alphabet Blog Project, I’m easing in my new posting schedule. The plan is to put up academic-themed posts – one per week, two per letter – in the middle of the week, say Wednesday or Thursday, and to have a space at the weekend when I can also add a post on a Quaker or Pagan topic if I want to. I’m not sure how this will work, and I reserve the right to change my mind at any point, but this is what I’ve got planned at the moment!


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