From time to time, I find myself looking at the statistics page of my blog –  and indeed those of my other websites. This blog, for example, has been running since early in 2012, and in that time has had visitors from 44 countries, if the technology has counted correctly. Almost all my visitors are in the UK (which makes sense, since most of the people I know and most of the people who know people I know live in the UK), and the US and Canada are close behind – this is probably as much about the shape of the internet itself, and the fact that I write in English, as anything more specific about my blog! Sometimes I wonder, though, whether the hits from one country are all from the same person. I think I only know one person in New Zealand, for example – all the New Zealand visits could be from her.

This rather self-referential blog post has been brought on by reflections about what I will try and post next year. As well as thinking about an alphabet of academic words, I’m realising that I’ll miss writing about Quaker topics (and not just because I sometimes get my posts shared on Facebook by someone whose extensive friends list makes my view-counter go ‘Woosh’!) I’m wondering if I’ll give myself the option of posting not just the minimum, alphabet blog every week – probably on a weekday, maybe a Wednesday or a Thursday – but also a slot, to be taken if desired, to post about Quaker and Pagan topics at the weekend. (I do get more views at weekends but that’s because that’s when I post the links to Facebook.)

I keep referring to Facebook because my stats also tell me that twenty percent of my views come from links on Facebook – far above the next biggest slice, search engines at 5% of referrals. (Lots of referrals aren’t recorded, so I don’t know how people found my blog in those cases.) This could possibly be expended to Twitter, if I felt brave enough to post my links there regularly.

I also wonder about the most popular topics. In the last 7 days, my most recent post was most visited, which makes sense, and in the last month I had a massive spike from one of the aforementioned Facebook shares. In the last quarter, four of my five most popular posts were about Quakers, and the other one was about book collections. Perhaps this does say something about the people who read this! That said, although I’m always pleased to know that people read this – and to hear from you – I actually write it mainly for my own satisfaction, so I have no intention of letting the stats decide what I should write about in future.

In other news, the search term which lead to visits to this blog include “accounts zealous converts buddhism”, “painting quaker square 1916”, and “leave this chanting and singing and telling of beads”. Make of that what you will!


2 responses to “Stats

  1. All the NZ views are from meeeeee ❤

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