Out of ideas…

With only ten posts to go this year, I keep having ideas for next year’s blogging alphabet project – I’m thinking of using academic words, terms I use in my work but not always in ordinary life – but am a bit stuck for ideas for blog posts in general.



4 responses to “Out of ideas…

  1. Hi Rhiannon, I like the ‘academic words’ idea. I’d be intrigued to hear your thoughts on some of Wittgenstein’s terminology in particular (as a not-terribly-informed but enthusiastic LW fan).
    In Friendship,

  2. Thanks, Craig, it’s good to know that someone would be reading – and I’ll make a note to include Wittgensteinian terminology in my list!

  3. What is your academic field?

    • I’m interdisciplinary, which means I can’t choose! My main fields are philosophy of religion, theology, and using sociology of religion to inform them, but I also do some work in gender studies/feminism.

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