Do you know that state, where you haven’t quite recovered from one hectic thing happening, when you have to go and do the next hectic thing? And you want to, and it’s good, but it’s all slightly too much?

That’s basically my life at the moment. A 200-mile commute, even only two days a week (perhaps especially because it’s only for two days a week, so I travel on consecutive days), is a lot. I enjoy teaching, but it’s hard work – especially in my very interactive teaching style, I spend a lot of time listening and responding, as well as working out how to put in pre-arranged material.

In between times, I spend a lot of time preparing material. And on trains. And trying to fit in other things, like my workshops and conferences. Sometimes I even have a social life or a hobby. Unfortunately, blog posts haven’t reached the top of this week’s priority list!


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