Mission Statement

At a careers training a few weeks ago, someone suggested that it might be helpful to write a mission statement for your life. I’m not at all sure that this is what they had in mind (I think they were thinking of an ‘in a five years I will have…’ business-plan type thing), but I did find it a useful exercise.

Rhiannon’s Life Mission Statement, 2014

I aim to listen and to be heard.

I put the Still Small Voice at the centre of my life, and rejoice to hear Her through trees, books, websites, animals, silences, and all people.

Language and dialogue are important to me. I am good at writing and at facilitating conversation. The thoughts and feelings of others matter to me, and I try to support people, especially marginalised people, to speak out for themselves.

I am proactive and self-motivated – a go-getter – but I do not
aspire to be rich. I want to live a balanced life which includes discussion, learning, sharing, time alone and space for fantasy.


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