Q is for… Questions

There’s nothing Quakers like quite like a question. Previously on this blog I’ve tried to suggest some of my answers, even when the post had a question at its core, but in this post I want to share some of the Quaker or related questions for which I do not presently have any answers.

What is the nature of the divine? Can we know?

Is it possible or sustainable for me to be a Quaker and an academic or even a Quaker academic?

How can we inform and enthuse Friends about our central work, making them feel involved with it and excited by it without threatening their attachment to local and area meetings?

Will our membership go Wooosh?

How can we help nominations committees to give those they ask to consider service an accurate idea of what that service involves?

Is sharing Unwilling, Unable with my non-Quaker friends an acceptable form of outreach?

Can you learn to tell those Friends who answer email from those who don’t at a glance, or at least before you’ve waited a week and tried again and eventually resorted to the phone?

What makes Yearly Meeting such a dramatically different experience to other Business Meetings? Is it really spiritually richer or do I just like it better?

Why do I find tea and coffee after Meeting such an awkward experience?

If I dyed my hair grey, would Friends stop saying how much they like seeing ‘young people like you’ at Meeting/on committees/not being drunken drug-taking layabouts or whatever it is they think other people my age are doing?

Can we expand our appeal? What make my friend who would be a Quaker if he wanted to go to church at all decide to come to Quaker events?

Can we celebrate our diversity and openness – our gay Friends, straight Friends, non-theist Friends, Christocentric Friends, questioning Friends, young Friends, older Friends, middle aged Friends, just retired Friends, agnostic Friends – while also pushing ourselves to more fully accept Friends who are not white, not middle class, not as well-educated, not dressed the way we expect?

How can I most fully use those few talents I have in the service of the Society? What do I do with those talents – like asking awkward questions – which the Society may need but doesn’t really want?


2 responses to “Q is for… Questions

  1. I dont think membership will go wooosh I think in 10 to 20 years the membership will suddenly drop off a cliff -alarmingly- as all the 60 &70s who are running the society now die off.

    • Many of those 60s and 70s came into the Society as 30s, 40s and 50s, and I see no reason to think that trend will end in the next 10-20 years. A 40 year old newcomer now might be a 60 year old clerk in 20 years’ time – and we are getting those newcomers, at least in my meeting and others where I have friends and family, so I’m not worried about a crash.

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