H is for… Hymns

(As a humourless feminist, I feel duty bound to begin this post with a joke about Hers, the quality of which will tell you why I am considered humourless.)

Quakers, especially those of us in the silent or unprogrammed worship traditions, are for obvious reasons not noted for our hymn singing. For one thing, you have to be both confident of your voice and deeply stirred by the Spirit to stand a sing alone and into silence (which is not to say that nobody does, only that it is rare). In the programmed worship traditions, though, they even publish a hymnal, and many of us in all traditions have favourite songs, whether or not we expect to use them in worship. Thanks to the magic of YouTube, here are a few of my favourites – not all technically hymns, although some are.

Enemy of Apathy, John Bell’s celebration of the Spirit.

Isaiah 55:12 – no surprise that I enjoy nature imagery!

Simple Gifts, a much-used tune with many alternative versions – another one can be found in Sing in the Spirit.


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