A is for… Advices and Queries

Advices and Queries form the first part of Quaker Faith and Practice (which can be read in full at the link). It’s published online, as the first chapter of the big red book, as a small red booklet, and in Welsh (also as a small red booklet). It’s an appropriate place to start, as it’s probably the first Quaker text most people read.

(It wasn’t the first Quaker book I read, although I first read it a long time ago; that was probably Thy Friend, Obadiah.)

Advices and Queries consists of exactly that: the draft version of our current text (accepted by Britain Yearly Meeting in 1994) was called Questions and Counsel. There’s lots of good stuff in there, but you can read it for yourself and this is my blog, so I want to pick out some which are meaningful to me.

I struggle with a lot of it. I see a tendency in myself to become defensive in the face of the questions. “Are you open to the healing power of God’s love?” No, I’m not. Maybe if God got on with actually healing one of the things that hurts me, I might be more prepared to negotiate. I think this answer is only partially true, though; it comes from a place of suffering, and of feeling that my emotional responses to suffering are incorrect. (A is also for Anger, not a word Quakers like.) In the ways I act, I can sometimes spot my openness to God’s love as a healing force: bringing my suffering to Meeting, week in and week out; holding f/Friends in the Light as they struggle with all sorts of issues; and the patience and determination I use to stick with the processes of healing, be they spiritual, allopathic, or psychological.

To some other parts of the Advices and Queries, though, I can respond with a whole-hearted Yes. “Do you welcome the diversity of culture, language and expressions of faith in our yearly meeting…?” (I’m still working on my knowledge of the world community of Friends.) My favourite Advice is still that offered in relation to marriage, but applicable to so much more: “In times of difficulty remind yourself of the value of prayer, of perseverance and of a sense of humour.”

(In fact, I think that should be the motto for the Quaker Blog Project!)

All of it is much quoted, so I’m not going to be able to pick out a bit that you won’t have heard before. Instead, in closing, I’m going to pick out the bit I must like to follow, which is: “seek to know one another in the things which are eternal” (I’m not quite so keen on bearing the burden of each other’s failings, although I’m very glad that people put up with mine!). In blogging, I try to be truthful, though one cannot capture the whole truth in a post; I hope that it helps you to know me in those things which may, insert some philosophical qualifiers here, be eternal. I will be reading other blogs with interest in pursuit of the same goal.


2 responses to “A is for… Advices and Queries

  1. I’m tempted to do something similar to your Quaker blog project, my plan for this year is to incorporate more Quaker thinking and writing into my life. Quite like the idea of using the A-Z as a focus. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. You’re welcome, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog. I borrowed the A-Z idea from the Pagan Blog Project, where it seems to work really well.

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