U is for… Under and Upper Worlds

In one Pagan scheme, magical work can be divided into three sections: that belonging to the Upper world, that belonging to the Middle world, and that belonging to the Under world. (I think I first encountered a scheme of this kind in Rae Beth’s work.) The Middle world is here, of course: our everyday reality. The Upper world I associate with spiritual aims, with deity and guides, and with my Sacred Grove. It’s a place of the imagination, moving towards God.

The Under world is more chaotic. It’s also a place of imagination, but of desire and wishes, of emotions and longing. If there are Three Realms – Sea, Land, and Sky – the Upper world is the sky, Middle earth is the land, and the Under world is the Sea. The Upper world might be hard to reach, but it’s full of light and beauty, fluffy clouds etc. The Land has its dangers, but they’re fairly well known and easier to see. The Under world, on the other hand, might be blue and inviting, but it might be full of submerged rocks and unseen swimming things.

There are ways through them all. They all have deities, and they interlink – you cannot reject one, or wholly ignore it, even if you might like to do so. Knowledge helps, but it’s not the whole story; the title of this post could be Unknowns.


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