P is for… Poetry

I’ve always explored my spirituality through words, and especially through poetry. To show how paganism and inspiration by prehistoric monuments flow through my work, here are two poems – one from 2001, hidden for many years in my first handwritten folder of collected poetry, and one from this year, eleven years later.

West Penwith

Land of my dreams,
Home to generations since prehistory,
Covered in beautiful Cornish names:
Carn Euny, Chysauster, Goldsithney.

The circles of granite at Boleigh,
On the moors high over Men-an-tol,
In the bracken at Boscanwen-Un,
And all three at Tregeaseal.

Here, seated on the grass by Tregiffion,
Or in the doorway of the fogou at Pendeen,
I can see through clear salty air,
Long tall hedges and the far horizon.

It is all in my mind.
I stare at the pictures too long
Trying to get away from my mind
And for you I write this song.



earth – earth – stone – sky
reaching out, up
earth – stone – stone – sky
here mapping there
earth – stone – sky – sky
thus connecting
sky – stone – earth – us


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