O is for… Occupation

Occupation – job – career – livelihood.

These, though not the same, are bound up together. How is one to have, as the Eightfold Path asks of us, Right Livelihood? Can you be bothered with a career, as recommended by the Careers Office (all of which seem to be incredibly dull)? Do you need a job, and can you get one when you do? With what are you occupied, and does it earn a living?

At present, I am very fortunate as a full-time postgraduate student to have a occupation which also provides me with a livelihood. It’s work, though not really a job in the usual sense, and is unlikely to lead to a fully-fledged career, although if I’m lucky and work hard such a thing is possible.

How is this pagan? It’s not, and perhaps that’s the point. I have many skills and much experience which it is hard to feed into a single consistent career: research and teaching, child-care and cooking and paperwork, magic and feminism, poetry and blogging and embroidery. What job needs all of that? Many jobs don’t really want any of it, only ‘team players’ who do ‘customer service’.


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