L is for… LGBT

I am very lucky to belong to three religious communitites who are, mostly, at least laid back about and often supportive of my sexuality. Don’t get me wrong, there are Buddhists who blanch at homosexuality and Quakers who would rather we didn’t discuss polyamory in public and Pagans who cannot accept the lived experience of people who are trans* or genderqueer, but overall my experience has been more positive in my religious communities than in the rest of my life. (With an honourable exception for the Queer Theory class.)

Quakers in Britain are campaigning to have the same-sex marriages we perform recognised in law. I know at least two Buddhist groups who perform wedding ceremonies for same-sex couples (a bit different for them, as their opposite-sex wedding ceremonies aren’t recognised in law either; the Quakers are in an odd middle ground). I know a Wiccan who was initiated by one gay man and is now training another. I know a Pagan triad who had a three-way handfasting. People in my Pagan communities are working on queer theologies, recognising queer deities, and honouring Divinity through their daily lives, queer or not.

My thanks to Goddess, Godde, and God for this love and acceptance. May it grow and flourish.


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