K is for… Kindle

There are hundreds of pagan books which have been published as e-books, many (although not all) of them for the Amazon Kindle. Aware that Amazon is sometimes a problematic company, I nevertheless preferred their Kindle as an e-book reader for its paper-like screen, buttons rather than touch, and the option to have a keyboard. Here are some of the pagan books I have particularly enjoyed – all can be found on paper as well.

The Mists of Avalon, Marian Zimmer Bradley
I’m sure this is a foundational text for many people who are interested in British and Celtic paganism – I know people who have read their copies until they fell apart, and others who have tattoos based on those described in this book. I re-read it recently, having first read it as a teenager, and found much to appreciate.

Hecate: Liminal Rites, Sorita d’Este and David Rankine
I wasn’t an expert on Hecate when I found Her name in my spiritual experience – I’d heard of Her, enough to know the name, but not really enough to understand what Her presence meant or to suggest appropriate reactions. I found this book immensely helpful in that stage of my journey.

The Book of English Magic, Philip Carr-Gomm and Richard Heygate
A huge book in print, as a Kindle edition it is easy to read a little at a time – and I have appreciated the Kindle’s search function in using this as a reference volume later on. I especially like to go back to the exercises at the end of each section, choosing from them as different things appeal to me.


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