G is for… Goddesses and Gods

Sometimes I don’t believe in any.

Sometimes I believe that all names are aspects of one. Or two.

In everyday life, though, I find myself using and enjoying a wide range of names for Goddesses and Gods, and treating them as individuals. I like to read about them, collect images of them, and write prayers, poems, and song words for them. I take a pretty broad definition. I try to be respectful to their places and cultures of origin, but I am aware that I might fail. If you think I’ve done so, please let me know. This post is a public sharing of a small portion of my private practice, and does not constitute a recommendation for anyone else’s public or private practice.

Some Altar Prayers

a green cross, woven out of straws, on a white background


Hail, hail, and well met,
Brigid, Lady of the Flame:
forge your words with healer’s hands.

a rough and old carving shows a man's face with horns, each of which carries a large hoop or ring


Hail, hail and well met,
Cernunnos, Lord of all that lives:
tame the year with healer’s hands.

a dark and strange painting, showing a woman hunched down on the right - she holds a book and is flanked by two other women. a face flies in the sky above, while on the left is a bush in which an owl perches and snake hides. a donkey grazes nearby.


Hail, hail and well met,
Hecate of the many ways:
guide me as I walk your paths.

a white marble statue of a man with one hand lifted


Hail, hail and well met,
Hermes-Thoth the thrice-great god:
Guide me through my transformation.


Hail, hail and well met,
Laughter-loving Aphrodite:
Hear Sappho’s prayer and mine as well.


Hail, hail and well met,
Beautiful Hermaphroditus:
May acceptance enter all our lives.


Hail, hail and well met,
Bast-Sekhmet who purrs and roars:
Lend your strength to all your cubs.


Hail, hail and well met,
Athena weaving words and thoughts:
Lend your strength to my debates.


Hail, hail and well met,
Epona on the great white mare:
May your bring my prayers to fruit.


Hail, hail and well met,
Triple Goddess, Triple God:
Bless your daughters three times three.

So mote it be.


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