C is for… Crafts

the folded corner of a white handkerchief, with an embroidered red cross in the 'Brigid's Cross' style

Altar Cloth for Brigid

I may not be all that artistic, but I like to do craft work and it often comes out pagan-themed. Above is a handkerchief I embroidered – adding a simple Brigid’s Cross made it into a small but useful altar cloth. I carry it in my ‘traveling altar’, a bag of useful pagan bits I can use for rituals when I’m away from home.

three strings of beads on a cloth. one long one is of recycled bottle glass, uneven beads of green and blue, and the other two are shorter with pendants - a knife blade and a tree.

Prayer Beads

I enjoy making prayer beads – sometimes I think I get more out of making them than from using them! Here are three of my favourite strands. Around the outside is a string for Merlin and Nimue, made from recycled bottle glass beads. I love the mixture of earthy and watery tones. On the left is a string for Brigid – the knife blade represents Her three aspects of smith-craft, surgery (an aspect of healing), and cutting, incisive or satirical poetry. Finally, on the right is a string for Bile, a Celtic Tree God important in some understandings of Druidry.

a clear glass candle holder painted with, in blue, the Awen symbol: three line point upwards and inwards to three dots, the whole surrounded by three circles.

Bardic Votive Candle Holder

Painting a candle holder with glass paint pens is a quick and easy way to dedicate a candle to a particular cause. Here’s one where I drew the Awen symbol, in the blue of the Bardic grade, to use in my Bardic Grove rituals.

None of these craft projects took long, or many materials – needle, thread, cloth, embroidery hoop; beads, cord or beading thread; candle holder, glass paint pens. But sometimes simple is best. 🙂

What crafts do you make for the Craft?


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