A is for… Art

I’m not an artist. I write poetry and take photographs, but all music and most visual arts are beyond me. I’ve tried just enough, though, to appreciate something of the skill and effort which goes into producing such things, and in this blog post for Week 1 (rather late, I know!), I want to write some brief appreciations of pagan visual artists from around the Web. (Music will have to come later, there wasn’t room in this post!)

a pendant in a display box. the pendant shows a picture of the Goddess Brigid, with flame and distinctive cross, behind a crystal surface.

Bridget Crystal Art Pendant by Mickie Mueller

Mickie Mueller produces beautiful artwork of a range of Goddesses among other subjects – I also own one of her Rhiannon images – and you can find them all in her etsy store.

disks of antler, inscribed with runes, are scattered across a leather background

red deer stag antler rune set

Lupa works mainly with animal parts and spirits (which unfortunately means that the shipping laws will probably always prevent me from buying her work). I do always enjoy her artwork posts and photographs, though, and appreciate her writing and editing.

three images on a white background: a woman with long, blonde hair, with petals in it, labelled Blodeuwedd; a woman in a bright yellow dress holding a small bird between her cupped hands, labelled Rhiannon; and a woman with dark hair, wearing a red dress and coiled metal armbands leaning forward, her hands out of view, labelled Cerridwen

Welsh Goddess Trio

The artwork for Thalia Took’s Goddess Oracle Deck is stunning. Experience suggests that I wouldn’t actually use it as a deck, so I’m not upset that it hasn’t been published as such; the images are so rich and vibrant that they serve as meditation focuses alone. Look at this one of Gaia, for example.


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